Thursday, July 2, 2015

Inspired by Pinterest #3 Use up Those Scraps!

You know Pinterest really comes in handy sometimes.  Especially late at night when you have an idea in rattling around in your head but you just cannot get your fingers to understand the concept.

I had this beautiful pile of patterned paper scraps forming on the corner of my desk.  The quilter in me said "Oooh, scraps!!  We'll just piece it together."  Unfortunately the accountant side of my brain went into it's "everything must balance" mode.  So in frustration I perused Pinterest and found these lovely cards.

The first is by Mariana Grigsby.  You can see her creative process here mariana grigsby10-minute-craft-dash-2-video

Mariana Grigsby  10 Minute Craft Dash

The second was from Britt Bass who blogs at pinkpapercrowns via a DCWV Page Maps Challenge post.

Britt (Kidlet 6x6)
And here are my cards.

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